OP-Z Firmware Update 1.2.8

September 7, 2019

Teenage Engineering released a new firmware version for the OP-Z. Version 1.2.8 introduces a new ‘input selection’ that allows you to mix in an additional input which can be optionally passed through the onboard fx. This can be useful if you want to run some external device’s audio through to the OP-Z and use the OP-Z out as the overall master.

The update also brings support for sampling from 3.5mm cables (via headphone jack), and monitoring incoming audio when you use the OP-Z as an audio device.

One thing we haven’t confirmed yet is whether the new input signal will also be included over USB audio. This would make recording songs into your laptop much easier if you use your OP-Z to drive the audio of another device since you wouldn’t need a separate mixer.

Here’s the full list of changes:

- fixed bug that would cause files to dissapear/get corrupted
- detect microphone signal from splitter  adapters
- new input selection functionality (beta). read about it here.
- new audio interface monitor mode
- fix broken incoming program change handling
- add cc for changing/switching to next/prev pattern. read about it here.
- make microphone mode work when usb audio is active
- allow octave shifting on all tracks
- fix drone notes to work properly with legato

Bruno Kramm has posted a nice walkthrough over on youtube:

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