Updated Firmware 20191109

November 8, 2019

The latest firmware update for the OP-Z (1.2.12) brings a fancy new LFO with different shapes and—a personal favorite—tempo sync. You can also use the accelerometer as input to the LFO (similar to the OP-1). There’s a slew of other minor improvements and bug fixes including the annoying L/R channels being incorrectly swapped over USB audio.

Here’s the full list of changes:

- redesigned lfo with new shapes, tempo sync and accelero-meter support. read about it here.
- add lfo to effect tracks
- add note style option to master track (latch, free). read about it here.
- add low battery led indication. read about it here.
- add setting to disable arpeggio. read about it here.
- softer pop at shortest envelope release setting
- fix crash when killing notes (TRACK+STOP) on tracks other than the first 8.
- fix flipped usb audio L/R signal
- fix occasional pop/noise on tape track
- fix bug where polyphony note stealing sometimes chose wrong note
- don't stall midi output when switching projects while connected to app
- disregard 'channel_one_to_active' setting when processing incoming UI group CC messages

Here’s a clip of Michael Hellqvist on YouTube using the new LFO effects. (skip to 0:55)

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