OP-Z Tutorial from Red Means Recording

February 5, 2019

Update 2/7/2019: Part 2—Synthesizer and Sampler Engines is now posted Update 2/21/2019: Part 3—Sequencer and Part 4-Send FX is now posted Update 2/23/2019: Part 5—Step Components is now posted

Jeremy from Red Means Recording followed up his recent OP-Z techno video with a fresh new tutorial! This multi-part OP-Z tutorial starts with an overview to the device, it’s functionality, and basic usage. This is a great place to start if you are new to the OP-Z and want to hear it right from the master.

Part 1: OP-Z Walkthrough Overview

Part 2: OP-Z Walkthrough Synthesizer and Sampler Engines

Part 3: OP-Z Walkthrough Sequencer

Part 4: OP-Z Send Effects

Part 5: OP-Z Step Components

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