Teenage Engineering Goes Modular

January 18, 2019

OP-Z first impressions 1

Teenage Engineering dropped a huge announcement about their modular Pocket Operator. There are 12 modules that can be installed into several body types. It also appears that this will coincide with the OP-Z module for CV/Gate that we saw awhile ago.

Here’s the introductory Pocket Operator Modular video:

Teenage Engineering also released this ‘behind the scenes’ video of the modular and you can see the OP-Z with the CV/Gate module installed.

Check out 0:00:37 for a shot of the OP-Z modular:

Extending the OP-Z to drive the new PO modular could be really interesting for sequencing. Very excited to see more. You can learn more about the new modular on TE’s website .

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