OP-Z Firmware Update 1.1.23

February 23, 2019

Update 2/23/2019: There’s also an OP-1 update that fixes more midi bugs and adds high resolution track view in tape mode.

Teenage Engineering just posted an updated firmware 1.1.23 for the OP-Z. You can download it here (see instructions for how to install it). There is also an updated OP-Z iOS app which you can download in the App Store.

We had a chance to play around with the latest update over the last day or so. A couple quick reactions * Happy to report that the midi over usb cable works substantially better when connecting to the OP-1. It’s nearly playable (had a few issues with notes not cutting off and being held for infinity on the OP-1…). * If you haven’t downloaded firmware 1.1.17, the behavior of the yellow volume tab thing means that it’s much louder. Set a very small turn if you have headphones on or you may hurt your ears. * Velocity changes on arpeggiator is amazing, really helps make it sound less robotic * Still trying to decipher what all of the release notes actually mean…

Here’s the full list of changes:

- allow programming steps with external controller
- support velocity on arpeggiator track
- change step length setting 9x to be 16x long
- add full octave range to drum tracks
- pass incoming midi start/continue/stop to other ports
- improved stability
- copy step now works on all tracks
- change default tape volume and reverb parameter 2
- fix noisy resampling in synth sampler
- keep sending audio to fx1/fx2 if audio muted
- improve midi continue behaviour (works better with OP-1)
- change maximum recording note length based on step length
- show pattern position from solo mute context (same as pattern context)
- properly reset parameters after releasing shift (temporary tweak mode)
- “enable_program_change” setting now saved between reboots
- don't play trigger driven tracks when muted
- gate trigger step component trigger on entering step instead of exiting
- fix hanging notes from linked tracks when pressing shift before releasing note
- fix hanging punch in notes when releasing shift before releasing note
- remove track clear wipe animation

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